A.E.W Horse Walker Features

The ALLORA ENGINEERING & WELDING exercise machine is designed for equine users to maximize their time and their horse’s performance.

Safety is also in the forefront of peoples minds, so the machine is installed with a mechanical clutch, so if the need arises the walker can be stopped by simply holding one of the arms or dividers.

  • The A.E.W Horse Walker is direct driven with a 3 phrase motor, but actually needs on 10amp single phase power to operate.
  • A variable speed, (forward and reverse) controller is supplied with the A.E.W Horse Walker,
  • The A.E.W Horse Walker is easy to assemble or a quote for delivery and assembly can be given on application.
  • The A.E.W Horse Walker is 18m diameter from panel to panel  and a divider is hung between each horse, which has the option of an electric fence attachment.
  • The electric fence pulse originates from the outside of the A.E.W Horse Walker, which can be switched on or off by choice.
  • The A.E.W Horse Walker is installed with the power and electric leads underground and attached to the variable speed controller.
  • Panels can also be supplied and assembled on request. P.O.A.

The Allora Engineering & Welding Horse Walker is a very time saving and cost effective way to help train and exercise your horse.